CJK auto composition script or template

I know that foundries has scripts that helps with the creation of CJK fonts in Glyphs.
Are any such script publicly available?
Or a construction script that I can use as a base to create my own script.
I already have a document with 21,000 characters, their parts decomposed, and the parts’ approximate positions.

I also seem to recall that I have seen a Glyphs CJK template where all parts are components.
Does anyone know where to find this?

What other solutions are there?

In Fontlab, I could use something they call Glyph Construction/Glyph Recipe Syntax, and auto-generate a glyph through an input like this:
uni4EEE = uni4EBB.l@original + uni53CD.r@original ^ 750 | 4EEE

I read in Creating An Hangeul Font that some kind of auto construction feature may be on the way. Will this be for Hanzi/Kanji too?

I apologise if I am bumping an old topic, but I think this is important as well, although for now a nice to have. I like to know whether this is planned for development. Just asking.