CJK locl extension

I am developing .loclZHH, .loclZHT and .loclJAN for my Chinese type. I found that the feature will not work when there are about over 1000 glyphs. I guess there is a need to add a custom parameter like Use Extension Kerning somewhere. How can I make it?

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You need to add the “useExtension” to the lookup yourself.

lookup locl_ZHH useExtension {

If I do so, the feature generator will not work automatically. Is there another way?

Unfortunately not. I’ll think about a solution. Until then, when you added some glyphs, you set it to automatic and disable it again and then re-add the useExtension.

I tried, but still not working in InDesign.

Can you try in FontGoggles?

It works in FontGoggles! :sweat_smile: