CJK remove overlap not working again (was fixed once)

Hi! I’ve noticed that for the latest two cutting-edge versions of G3 it starts to fail to remove overlaps that was working previously. (Currently using 3083)

However, for about 9100 CJK glyphs, only two fails to remove overlaps and it seems to be from the left side radical.

Please see the file: https://we.tl/t-oUyTPtad6Q

This one is tricky.

In both glyphs, it is this very slight inflection that prevents the overlap removal. You can make it visible with the Show Angled Handles plug-in. See the yellow line and orange cross:


Tilt the handle by one more unit, and it works. I will add an internal issue.

Thanks for the advice! I see that inflection points can also cause it to fail export to variable fonts when a normal .ttf export (with or without overlap removal) is completely fine. However for CJK fonts it’s quite inevitable to eliminate all inflection points at the first place as we don’t always place control points on extrema, and when there are angled handles presenting slight curves it’s very easy to get inflections just like this case.

As a result, could there be a way to scan all glyphs and give a list of those with inflection points? The only way we can do this is to export to variable fonts and get the failure message of a glyph with too many inflection points and each time it only shows one. That is quite annoying when the whole font has about 100 glyphs with inflection problems : (

I believe there’s already a fix for that in a future branch. Will bring that over.