Clarification on three Arabic glyphs in "basic shapes" section

Hello! I’m working on an Arabic typeface and have been confused about three glyphs in the “Basic Shapes” section:

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 11.25.57 AM

I can’t figure out what these are supposed to be. I already have designed and implemented the Arabic Kaf, the Persian Keheh, and the Persian/Urdu Gaf. I’ve searched the internet and academic papers on any kind of special Gaf with Sarkash/Sarkesh above or center, but I can’t find anything at all on the subject. I also don’t know what “doublestroke-ar” is supposed to be. Since these appear to be building blocks, and they land in the “mark” section of Glyphs, they naturally don’t have Unicode references, so I don’t know what these are meant to look like.

I would hate to leave out these glyphs and have an incomplete Arabic typeface. Can anyone help me understand what these are meant to be? Thank you!

Previous question about this, here:

Thank you – it didn’t seem like there was a clear answer in that threat either, unless I’m missing something?

No clear answer that I know of. I could not find anything on the web either.

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They are used as components in building other glyphs.

gafsarkashabove-ar is used in gaf-ar and its varaints, gafsarkashcenter-ar is used in gafInvertedstroke-ar, and doublestroke-ar is used in lamDoublebar-ar.

If you use Glyph > Make Component Glyph for gaf-ar etc. it will build it using these components if available, otherwise it will do nothing.

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It would be nice if searching in Glyph Info window would show also glyphs that use the search term as components, I had to manually search the GlyphData-xml file to find the definitive answer.


Thank you so much, Khaled.