Cleaning drawings: ideas to clean nodes

Hi guys, just wondering what are your methods to clean nodes in digitalized drawings like the one I attached. I mostly work by hand / wacom, but maybe there are some scripts that help?


of course, the idea here is to try to maintain the idea of hand drawing shapes.

Have you tried Tidy Up Paths?

Also another method is to keep the outline clean, and apply Roughen filter on export. It would convert all curves to straight segments though.

Yes, but I think it is useless for this kind of mess.

I would try and get rid of the curve segments. Can be done either by script or with the Roughen filter.

Use Rainer’s Retract BCPs script (in his repository under “paths”) to delete the extra nodes. If you still have too many nodes, use the Simplify function in Illustrator to reduce the node count.


Thanks guys! seems that Delete Nodes and Try to Keep script from @mekkablue do the trick pretty well… of course, theres no magic, still needs manual adjustment