Close document — App crashes (3088)

When I close the document, Glyphs (3088) suddenly crashes. MacOS 10.12.6

See the Crashes tutorial for tips on how to deal with app crashes.

  • Send the crash reports please (the second crash report dialog with the Glyphs icon).
  • Does it happen without plugins too?

Thank you
I do its on the next session

  1. I have sent crash report just now.
  2. Yes, it happen without plugins too.

p.s.: glyphs update to 3089 build — the problem remains

I cannot reproduce the crash. All my files close just fine. Does it also happen in a different user?

What is your setting for Glyphs > Preferences > User Settings > Use Versions?

Only one user on Mac

in Glyphs settings:

Does it happen when you make a new file and close it again?


Start Glyphs — New font — Close — :boom:

Can you add a new user in Preferences > Users & Groups? And try it there?

Created a new user and it all happened again.

I fixed it.

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