Closing crash report window with Cmd+W prevents interactions

Hello, I have run into this issue for quite some time by now: When Glyphs crashes and re-opens, the Crash Report window appears. If I close it with Cmd+W, it is subsequently impossible to interact with any elements in Glyphs.

Same is true if I close the window by clicking the red x button. I can’t even quit Glyphs, I need to force quit.

does it also happen in you click the “Send” button?

I don’t think so (can’t test, as Glyphs has miraculously not crashed yet today) – I wouldn’t think so, as clicking “Cancel” works fine. It’s just when closing the window with Cmd+W or clicking the red x.

It’s not a bug but a feature to force you to send the report :crazy_face:

Well, Glyphs just crashed again, so I was able to find out that clicking “Send” works fine :wink: