Cmd+s doesn't save

So strange,
cmd+s does not save my glyphs file (G3)…
I can save only if I quite Glyphs, so I see the saving dialog.
(I am on Mojave)

Cannot reproduce. Which app build?

3.0.1 (3039) on Mojave 10.14.6 (18G6042)
well, it seems that it saves indeed, but I always see a black dot inside the red circle of Mac UI (the one to close the window). Therefore, I can’t know if file is saved or not.
In my Config, “use versions” is disabled.

Sometimes you need to save twice. This has been a problem with G2 already, but we could never quite pin it. It is rare though. Something gets lost in translation between Glyphs and the file system, I guess.

I can cmd+s tens of times, it still shows the dot. In addition, even if I open and close the file without doing anything, I am prompted to save. That wasn’t the case of G2. It seems the file look like is changed all the time.

Can you send me that file?

it’s always the same I’ve sent you yesterday :slight_smile: