Cmd+shift+i / cmd+shift+b

When i export my typeface (Regular+ Italic and Bold + Italic) i can not use the “cmd+shift+i” for Italic or “cmd+shift+b” for Bold in InDesign. How can I fix this?
And does a “cmd+shift+b” shortcut work for a typeface with more than 2 weights?

What you need is called Style Linking. Please read the respective chapter in the handbook.

That worked thanks!
How would that work for larger families?
For example with an additional Light & Oblique weight (or more weights)?
Is it then possible to do it with only the style linking or do I need to put in custom parameters?
Thanks in advance for your support!

Please read the Glyphs Handbook 7.3.4 Style Linking (p.90) for details. Or read the whole thing while you’re at it :smile: