Collective work on the same file

I often give type workshops where we design a typeface collectively. It’s not easy to merge, in the final stage, all the actions that are made her and there: that’s why I thought about an extension for collective work.

  • First of all, we would work on a UFO file shared on Github
    it could work like this:
  • when I launch the extension, I enter my name or pseudo
  • each glyph has a label, showing who’s authorized to work on it
  • yo can see all the glyphs in the font, display it, but only edit the ones you’re authorized to. This, not to ruin your neighbor’s work.
  • a refresh button load the latest version committed.

This way, we could work together on the same file, quickly and easily. Could be useful in a professional context as well.
What do you think about it? Sounds possible?

All the best,

To build an extension like this is quite a lot of work. But you can use git anyway. Just make sure everyone is a bit careful when committing.

Did you try your CommitGlyphs app? It helps to control what you are committing.

Thanks Georg,
You’re right. We will use the Commit Glyphs app instead, and probably use color labels / filters to indicate who’s doing what.