Color Component in Export

Hello! First off, very quickly–I’m new here (well, newly created an account), though I have been tinkering with Glyphs for a while. I love this app!

I am admittedly very much a novice at this but I have been trying to read through tutorials and forum posts for the answer to my question…forgive me if I missed it, and please point me to the appropriate link if there is one.

I am trying to figure out how to have JUST a component of a glyph export as a different color; i.e. the glyph would be two colors (not like a Layered font, where each WHOLE layer is a color).

I keep thinking I’m getting close, but no cigar.

I know how to add a color palette and make a singular component a different color with a Color Palette layer in edit mode.

…but when I add that colored component to another glyph, it goes back to black. And of course if I add the color layer to the glyph, the WHOLE GLYPH turns that color, which is what I’m trying to avoid.

This might very well be answered in SVG exports, which I am not yet well-versed on…but I feel like since I am able to change a component’s color, the option is there with Color Palette and I just haven’t figured it out yet.

Can you please direct me where to go, or let me know if this just isn’t an option without SVG? If it’s not an option, I’ll stop wasting hours on it.

(Oh–when I import an SVG file as a component, I can see it in the component but if I add it to another glyph, it’s empty…I know there must be a workaround for that as well which I haven’t figured out yet either).

I don’t know how to script anything, that is way over my head at this stage in the game.

I cannot wait to learn more in this app, just wish I could play with it all day!


There are different color formats. Different apps support different formats, choose wisely, but you can even put both in the same font.

How to make them? See the color font tutorials. Look for SVG and COLR/CPAL.

I did read through both the SVG and COLR/CPAL tutorials but I missed what I was looking for, or perhaps I did not read them thoroughly enough. I will go through them again and try a different approach. Thank you.

For CPAL/COLR you need to add layers for each color (Layers palette) and place your components there. They will be exported as one glyph, don’t worry, it has nothing to do with a layer font.

And in the Exports, you can add an additional SVG font with the Color Layers to SVG parameter. So you will have both SVG and COLR/CPAL from one source. And this max compatibility (Adobe apps, office apps, browsers).