Color Component

Hi there!

I have a font with the same component in each glyph (pic 1). And I want to make this component color like this way (pic 2). Is it possible to add it only in component and it will work with every glyph which uses this component?

For now, nothing changes when I’m applying Color Palette to the Component and the only glyphs that have colors is the component original.

Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 20.38.37


What kind of color table are you planing to export?
Made a small sample file. The “a” is set up to export to export a SVG color table. The “b” can produce a COLR and SVG table: (the SVG export for the “a” is currently not working when there is a CPAL parameter in the font settings, I fixed that).
color components.glyphs (7.0 KB)


So in every case I have to manually add Color Layer in each glyph? Is there any way to do it automatically? I finished some alphabets and adding 200*6 (some glyphs is a components from Basic Latin of course) new layers seems to be a huge problem.

That could be done with a script.