Color consistency across Adobe Apps and Color font made on Glyphs

Hi there,

I’m having a problem of color consistency. My client needs a color font in 6 different colorways. Each style contains 5 color swatches. The color combinations are provided in CMYK in an Illustrator file (not color profile managed).

1ST BUG) If you input the color to the layers in Glyphs in CMYK everything looks ok. Then, next time you open the file all the swatches have become black. OK, understood, that’s probably because it needs an RGB or HEX value.

2ND BUG) Ok, then I convert the CMYK AI into RGB file and I use the HEX values to input the colors on Glyphs. The problem is that the colors are displayed slightly washed out. ¿Why if the HEX codes are the same I’m getting different colors on Glyphs and A. Illustrator? (I’ve tried with RGB values with the same result…)

Any idea??? Im desperate :frowning_face:

That depends on the different color profile settings of system and the app. Of course, the same color can be displayed differently in different environments.

Hello Mekka, thanks for your response.
To try to merge all the variables in a single profile, I have configured my monitor and Adobe Illustrator to use “Adobe 1998 RGB”.
But how can I force Glyphs to a certain color profile? It has no preferences related to color, right?

Hi Mekkablue. Problem just solved.
Even though colors look weird (washed out) in Glyphs, the exported fonts look right on AI (presumably because the font is displayed color managed by the color profile affecting AI)
Thanks a lot for the tips anyway.

AFAIK you cannot store the colors with a profile in the font, just the raw color values. After that, you’re depending on how color is implemented in the apps and systems the font is being used in.

Understood! thanks :slight_smile: