Color font best setting on glyphs 3

hello ,

i try to follow the steps her , but the font file not work with adobe illustrator or micrsoft , i asked if there are a missing setting to make , i hope i can find glyphs 3 glyphs file of the tutorial ?

That is because Adobe apps do not support CPAL.

You can add an SVG table for Adobe apps. There are several custom parameters for Font Info > Exports. Add a Color Layers to SVG and an Export SVG table parameter.

i try to make this but not work also

i try steps of Option B, choice 1: converting CPAL/COLR
kindly find attached glyphs file
New Font.glyphs (1.5 KB)

How are you testing your font in Adobe apps? Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

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i was not put on adobe file , so it was the problem , thanks rainer now i can make color fonts

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