Color font color mismatch

I have a color font with some icons with many different colours. For some reason, when I go into illustrator and outline the font, the colours are slightly different hex codes than the ones in glyphs, but not always. Some keep the color code I set on glyphs. It’s not happening across the set, which makes me wonder if some glyphs have a setting that is causing this. Any clues appreaciated! thanks!

Have you tried turning Illustrator’s colour management off? Or changing it to another profile and see if that makes a difference.

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What Claus said.

Plus, if the document is set to CMYK, that may influence the display. Double check File > Document Color Mode.

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and click on the round button with tree dots and see if you have set the colors with the same color profile.

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where? on glyphs?

In the color picker dialog seen in the first screenshot.

got it! thanks Georg!