Color font exports components

I’ve been working on some color fonts, and unlike earlier designs, they will have to usable for others this time. There is currently a bug with the export of color (layer) fonts which will add all your components to the exported file, resulting in an unusable typeface. (with a pretty long glyphs panes.) With the color removed it all works fine, as each component is set to non-exporting, but it seems the color layers override this.

The happens with both methods: When the components have color layers themselves or when they are placed in a color layer in the character itself.

I found this topic which notes this problem. Is this the same bug? (as the post is from some years back.)

Just to confirm: You are exporting as CPAL?

Yes. Also, next to CPAL I’ve used Layers to SVG (for Adobe apps) which gives the same result.

Can you send the .glyphs file?

Sent one of the files, if you need another example, let me know!

Just as a heads up, as I only took a brief note of it: Upon closer inspection it isn’t the components that get exported, but each color layer of each glyph gets a character of it’s own in the font. At first I thought this had to do with the export parameters (which does play a part), but even removing those (and exporting it as a non-color font) leads to a similar result.

My method isn’t great, but it is the only way to keep the export compatible with the Adobe apps, a webfont and future font variations.

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