Color Font – Layer order?

Hi there!
I started a color font project (my first one, sincerely), so I’m already thankful for all the suggestion i will get from here! :smiley:

Basically I would like to create a system with modules (one per letter) so I can compose letter using keyboard – but this is another story.

Focussing on my problem I can’t figure it out how to manage the layer position and I don’t know if it is possible sincerely…
I have a glyph, something like a cube, with 4 colors, to manage the different faces and outline.

My current situation is the example on the left, but i would like to achieve the one on the right.
Basically pressing different times one letter I would like to have the “blue” part on the back and the “white” + “red” + “black” on the front.
Don’t know if I explained well the situation, sorry! :roll_eyes:

Thank you in advance!

Glyphs are always drawn from left to right. so each glyph draws over the previous.

You need to make a glyph that is only the white and red shade. Then switch that one contextually when there is another letter before it. That can become complicated when you have other shapes, too.

Ye, I understood about the L-R draw… I was thinking it was something about that!

Your advice is a nice workaround! Thank you Georg!
I will have like 1 more modules max with this topic, so probably is doable, and thinking also about having only this one at the moment is the solution I was looking for.

I was already thinking to move the shade on the right to avoid that :cold_face: