Color layers lose palette in preview

I posed this question earlier but retracted it since I thought I fixed it. But alas! It has returned.

I have merged various color fonts into one file (with different color palettes in each master) which turns all my previews into unassigned colors (black). When I view the palette itself, all colors are there, and the export also works fine. When I split the file the colors return, but I would rather not work in this fragmented way.

It’s a pretty big file, with a lot of color layers (around 20 to 40 for each glyph), could this be the problem?

Can you send me the file?


It seems that you need to put the palette into the first master. That is improved in the next version.

Thanks, that clears it up! I’ve swapped the non-palette version around and merged the palettes into one. But I can only see the first palette is being used, even though I have assigned it. Can I fix this in some way?

Otherwise I can work around it, seeing the layers already helps a lot.

Glyphs 2 can only handle one palette.

Thanks! I expected as such as the palette is assigned in the instance.