Colour layers bug

Hello! I’m trying out the CPAL and COLR way of making colour fonts.

When I click the colour swatch in the Layers palette, I get a popup like this:

Problem is, the popup doesn’t show all the colours, as Color 0 and Colors 7 and 8 are not there, and I can’t scroll the thing to find them. (Also Color 1 is clipped a bit at the top.)

Another bug is when I define a colour with CMYK values, the colour in the exported font falls back to black.

Which app version? Can you send me the file?

It might be related to the CMJK colors. I’ll have a look.

Sorry, in case I wasn’t clear: I’d already switched all the colours to RGB in the screenshot above, so I don’t think it’s related. I’m on version 1043.

I can’t reproduce this problem. Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Hi @GeorgSeifert, I am experimenting with a font containing color logo of a company. It works well, but I realized the bug described by @Bendy is still not corrected. If I build the color palette using CMYK sliders, the values are not stored in the .glyphs file. When you define your palette, close and open the file again, the color swatches are just black. (Solution: select RGB sliders first and then set your values.)

Related question: is there a way to store CMYK values in SVG fonts? Otherwise Black would be always converted into 4-color black which would be a big problem for proper reproduction of a logo with Black color value defined as 100% K.

I’ll see what I can do.

Edit: I had a look at it. I could not get cmyk colours to work in SVG fonts. It seems that the version of the SVG spec that is used for the SVG table is to old to know about the rather new new color formats.

Thanks, @GeorgSeifert. I was afraid RGB is the only option. Nevertheless it would be great if Glyphs could at least accept CMYK values which would be then automatically converted to RGB.

The automatic color converting like that is not a good idea.

Seems like it might be best to remove the option for CMYK if it’s not really possible. Or is there some way we can get CMYK colours into the specs for the different colour font formats?

I raised the question on the OpenType list. But it will take a while until this is implemented, if at all.

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I am encountering the same issue with fonts for the publishing industry. There would be a huge market for CMYK colour fonts, if only the colours could be set in the output could be set in the CMYK colour space.

Is there no workaround? 100% K is the main issue.