"comb" glyphs metrics change on export

I’m running into a minor, yet strange issue when I export out of Glyphs.
For some reason all of my “comb” accent glyphs (gravecomb, acutecomb, tildecomb, etc.) left side bearing’s change on export.
For instance, in my working Glyphs file the gravecomb left siding bearing is 85 but after export it is set to -265. These are the only glyphs that change on export, everything stays exactly as it should.
Is there something obvious I’m missing here?


The ‘comb’ glyphs are supposed to have zero width in the exported file.

I ran into this issue as well. I understand that the combining marks and some other glyphs must be zero width. However, does that still hold true for a monospace font? FontBakery reports present a warning for any width differing from the designated global monospace width. So does FontBakery need to ignore those “comb” marks widths or does Glyphs App need to recognize this function does not need to be applied to monospace fonts?

Zero-width for combining marks also holds true for monospaced fonts. In this case the font bakery test is too strict, or it should report it only as a warning.

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Thanks Erich!

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