Combined diacritics overlap issue


I’m working on a layered typeface which has an outline layer option. Combined diacritics that overlap, like cedillacomb and ogonekcomb, cause the outlines to crossover where they connect and look broken.
I can cut away the diacritic’s outline but the main character’s outline still dissects it (as pictured).
I’m wondering if there is any way around this?


I fear you can’t use components in this case.

Thanks @GeorgSeifert
How big is the compatibility gap if the cedillacomp and ogonekcomp are removed? I have the full combined versions of course, which are fine.

Why don’t you make the second layer simply flat, not outlined?

It’s definitely a possibility though I’m trying to keep the number of layers down. I’ve got two levels of extrude behind this, each with a flat ‘outline’