Command-tilde stops working

For some reason, command-tilde (the command for tabbing through document windows) stops working for me after a short time. The only thing that seems to fix it is quitting and relaunching. But it soon stops working again. Selecting documents from the view menu works, but isn’t very efficient. Not sure how long it’s been doing this.

I’m on 3.1.2 (3149) running on macOS 13.0.1 (22A400), M1 Max.

Does the shortcut work with other apps on your Mac? I’ve been having issues with this exact shortcut in general ever since upgrading to Ventura.

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I’ve only seen it happen in Glyphs so far.

Can you go to the System Settings app and then to KeyboardKeyboard ShortcutsKeyboard. What shortcut does it show under Move focus to next window?

When it stops working, is there a menu lighting up when you press it. There might be a script stealing the command.

One thing I just noticed, if I hide Glyphs (command-H) and then command-tab back to Glyphs (unhiding it), command-tilde works once, but then stops working.

Also, no menu lighting up.

I’ve had the issue in multiple apps in macOS 13.

Makes more sense that would be an OS bug, not a Glyphs bug. But since I’d only seen it in Glyphs, I thought otherwise.

I could hook the shortcut up to another function in sys prefs but that cycles through all windows, not just the app windows.

Seems to be fixed in macOS 13.1 (so far). :crossed_fingers:

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