Commit dialog script

Hi, I installed GlyphsApp-Package-Install (from Nicolas Silva, which is a great github script!) and found that every time i saved the document, opens a dialog box and let you commit the font. Sounds as a great idea, but i don’t know how to manage it and i could not find the repo of it.
Any documentation about it? Many thanks,

Hi @tipo, you can find the details about that plugging in Simon’s git plugin Github Repo.

In Mac environment, all files or directories that start with a period are hidden from the shell or Finder. So that script creates a .git directory in the same directory as the Glyphs file. That .git, in principle, is only containing the change history of that Glyphs file an not other, that is what I think.

So you can have a independent history of changes for each file. It is not other thing that recording a history of changes in that directory.

If you don’t want to save a change, simply cancel the commit, the file is saved before appears the commit windows.

In Menu > File you are going to find a new option called “View revision history”. That option is going to open a panel that have each change, and if you double click in one of the commits, the Glyphs file is going to show that version, is a kind of Time Machine in Mac.



P.S. If you want to move the Glyphs file while keeping the history, move the Directory that contains that Glyphs file.

lovely, thanks!