Compare two fonts


I have two fonts, one is based ascii and other is unicode based.

I want to use these two fonts with different size, weight etc on list of few words and compare these list of words with the two fonts.

Can I automate this some how? is there a way to do in glyphapp to do so.

If we overlay the two words, can glyphapp has if there is any difference between the two?


You want to compare glyphs between files? There is a tool called MergeGlyphs for that, and you can use one the Show Nect Font plug-in (in the Plugin Manager).

This is what I am looking for.

Take a list of words and overlap or compare the glyphs and plugin let highlights the non-conformity automatically.

This isn’t something that’s entirely in the font. Depending on the shaping engine used you will get different results so what you see in Microsoft Word on Windows might not be the same as what you see on a Mac with CoreText or in Firefox or Chrome using harfbuzz. Anyway, there’s a Google tool, fontdiff, to do something like you show:
You can build from source or just use the binaries in releases. This doesn’t overlap like your example, but does show differences in shaping between two fonts. Here’s a good example showing differences:

Oh, you said one is ASCII and the other is Unicode. Well, that makes it more difficult. Everything about those is different. They will have different input methods so you can’t use something like fontdiff. It sounds like you need something more customized.