Comparing and editing masters for compatibility

Is there a way to view 2 masters side by side when editing for compatibility? I’ve been switching back and forth between them, wondering if there is a better workflow.


are you using the keyboard shortcuts? Cmd-1 and Cmd-2.

Yes, I am able to switch between them. I just wondered if there was a way to see them together at once.

Not on my Mac now, there’s a command called Edit > Show All Masters or something like that. And then you see them next to each other.

Not sure this is what you are getting at though. What are you trying to achieve by having them next to each other?

You have tried "Show master compatibility?

Yes, “Show master compatibility” works. But, it doesn’t allow me to see the differences in node placement on each master. My 2 masters were extrapolated from an existing font using Fontlab VI and imported into Glyphs, so they both require some cleanup and adjustment. Sometimes I have to flip back and forth a few times to best plan the change or removal of nodes. If I could see the nodes and outlines of both at the same time, I wouldn’t have to do as much remembering. I could make the edits faster by sight—similar to side-by-side comparisons of code in an editor. I thought maybe someone had created a tool for it, but I guess my workflow problems are unique to myself. I will carry on as before. Thanks for the suggestions.

Show Handles Everywhere is a plugin that should solve your problem.

Thanks. I searched in the plugin manager, but didn’t find Show Handles Everywhere. Is it available somewhere else?

Hmm. Don’t know why, but here is the github link: