Compatibility between versions

I try to keep myself updated with the new versions of Glyphs, but I’m working with a guy that is using 2.4.1 (983) - maybe he will update it, but I don’t know when. So, whenever I change files with him, I get the message of the ‘different glyphs versions’ and that’s great. But one annoying thing I have to do always is fix the color of the small ‘n’ for each master. My updated glyphs version applies the correct color for the ‘Light’ and ‘Regular’ master, but not the ‘Black’ one. Also doesn’t work for the condensed/extended ‘n’:

Maybe it makes no sense for you to fix it now, but it would be nice if you could.

It also would be nice to have a display ‘n’.


Not sure what you mean. Which color do you mean?

In the latest versions, you can pick a glyph from the font for the buttons. See Font Info > Masters, the symbol in the top right.

I just tried it and the setup of the master icons was stable between 1096 and 983. Do you know why your colleague is not updating it at least the latest stable version? Would be interesting to know.

@mekkablue With color I mean weight. Sorry, maybe not the best word for the situation. Yes, I know I can pick a glyph form the font, but I prefer to use your standard ‘n’. I was asking for a display ‘n’ also :wink: (btw, when I choose a glyph from the font, I have to close the file and open it again to update on the masters icon bar. It would be nice if it works instantly as it works with your standard ‘n’)

@GeorgSeifert, there is no specific reason. Basically, he just care about draw nice letter shapes. It doesn’t matter if he is using the latest software of the market or not.


@GeorgSeifert He updated already. He is using 2.4.4 (1075) now and I’m with 2.5b (1097). He sent me the file but it’s not compatible still, I think. The masters icon bar was supposed to be like this:

But when I open the file, it is like this:

Can you send me the file as he send it? I just tried it and it works fine. Or can you download the app from the website (you will get 2.4.4) and try what you see there?

If I open it with the 2.4.4. it works fine. But if I open it with 2.5b (1097) it doesn’t. Well it is not a major problem for me, just annoying to change it every time. I will send it to you to support.

I believe there is a relation between this menus (2.4.4):

and this one (2.5b):


Thanks for the file. I could fix it. You had manually set master names, that was disturbing the calculation of the icons.

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So, should I remove the master names parameter? Or will you fix it on the next cutting edge version?

It will be fixed in the next update.

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Is it possible to keep two different versions of Glyphs on the same Mac with dedicated Application Support folder & plug-ins for each?

That is not possible. What specific problem do you have?

I think I just had an idea that could work. If it finds a folder “Application Support/Glyphs-XXXX” (where XXXX is the current version number of the app) then it will use it, otherwise it will fall back to the plain “Glyphs” folder. You would need to carefully keep the folders in sync with your Glyphs versions.

OK @GeorgSeifert
Will test that

There is nothing to test (yet). What I was suggestion is a possible solution that I need to implement. And it would only be available for future versions.

hhmmmm … I thought your suggestion is literally by dedicating an App. Support Folder of for each Glyphs and to be named by its version!

This is automatically set up by other software such as Adobe CC showing above.

Adobe choose to make a new folder for each big new version of the app. In our case, this would give mean different folder for Glyphs 1, Glyphs 2 and Glyphs 3. But not for 2.4 or 2.5.

Wouldn’t what is wanted work by merely adding another User? It seems to me that it might since each user profile has a different set of support folders. It would be necessary to install Glyphs for the additional user or merely copy the Glyphs app support folder to the new user and modify the Plugins/Scripts folder as desired.

That would work. But is not very convenient.