Compatibility is not checked for masters past the sixteenth

I’ve noticed that compatibility checking does not always check masters after the sixteenth master. For example, I have a font with eighteen master. I‘ve masters 1–16 and 18 are compatible, 15 and 17 is not. But once I correct 15 the red bar indicating incompatibility disappears, despite 17 being incompatible. So far I have only seen this problem with node counts.

Off topic: WTF!! 18 masters??? picture! picture! picture! :slight_smile:

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It’s just the new version of Ironstrike with three width masters. The “italic” is an oblique with a 17.5° slope. Martina Flor’s interpolated slope angle work in Wonderhand inspired me to do something similar. Once I get the project file set up it will be four widths and 7 weights of
5° slope oblique
17.5° slope oblique
5° backslant
17.5° backslant
I might die before this gets released because the thought of doing QA is horrifying.

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Could you send me the file?

Could it be that the last master is not actually used to interpolate?

I just sent the file.

Thanks for the file. I could fix it. It had nothing to do with the number of masters but with your particular setup.