Completely broken installation - How to reset?

I installed the 30 day version and also installed RMX Tools and a bunch of scripts from Toshe and mekkablue and there are many many problems…

First of all there is no preview on files i create with glyphs. There is preview thou when opening a .oft font file.

The ios glyphs preview app doesn’t work.

When zooming with Z tool then panning with space the view is going crazy and very far away from the drawing. This occurs on a random frequency.

I installed the same trial version from your Glyphs site on another computer and everything works fine!

So my real question is - how do i reset whatever i did to the Glyphs installation to make it so broken?

Probably a good idea is to remove all plugins and see if that helps (don’t forget to restart). Then add them one by one to see what caused the problem. There is not much else that could cause problems like that.

That helped bringing the basic functions, thou the ios preview still doesn’t work while un the same network the other installation is performing well.

This feature is incompatible with some routers or router settings. Read through this discussion maybe:

Double and triple checked all combinations… Macbook “A” doesn’t work in any situation while Macbook “B” works flawlessly with every network setup - every router setting, ad-hoc with mac or even a hot spot made with nokia lumia.

Closing Glyphs while using Glyphs Viewer would result in an error on the Glyphs Viewer side. While this is true on Macbook “B” (the working one) it doesn’t show any error or connection interrupted notification on Macbook “A” (the broken one)…

Disabling MagicPrefs helped getting rid of the zoom stutter effect btw…

This is usually a problem with allowing different wireless standards of the built-in chipsets, e.g. b/n. If you set all devices to either b or n, it usually works fine.

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Thank you! It works but it doesn’t look like i have much control of it. Fiddling with router settings seem to work (although i only scrolled through settings and then went back to previous setup).