Complex variable pixel font – huge file size, problems with automation

Dear intelligent swarm!

I am currently working on a variable pixel font with a “resolution” axis. It currently has 3 masters; first “high resolution”, second intermediate step; third “low resolution” (see screenshots).
That means: The first master needs a huge amount of nodes since it’s all pixels, no bezier-curves, for the high resolution. In the third master most these nodes disappear to the line (shown in red) because there’s less pixels needed for the low resolution.

The problem: despite the fact that all of this is a crazy amount of work – the font file is enormous. (Also for automatising the process of drawing the pixels: the pixelate plug-in crashes constantly and I’m sure the complex shapes are the problem too.)
I am afraid I nobody will ever be able to use this font because of the file size.

Is there any solution you can think of?
I’d be so happy if someone could help!


I am actually curious about how the transition between those 3 masters is supposed to look like. Did you manage to interpolate between the weights? Maybe just a test with only 1 glyph.