Component alignment with manual spacing?



Hi there!
I would love to have all the components aligned but set the spacing manually. Is there a way to doing this? In cyrillic is pretty often to get problems like this:

This way I’m happy with the spacing, but components got unsynced

When I activate automatic alignment the components are good buth the width of the glyphs is automatically set as л, which is really a problem :expressionless:

My workflow is really stupid for the moment:

  • Activate alignment (for align all the components)
  • Deactivate alignment
  • Set spacing again (or HT Letterspacer)

is there a smart way to do that?



You could add =+20 in the RSB for example. This way you would add 20 units automatically. If you type ==+20, it will only affect the current master.


Thanks Jacques! Is a bit tricky but it works


Or use #exit and #entry anchors. It will inherit the LSB from the first, and the RSB from the second component.


Thanks, where do I have to add them?


I just added Replicate spacing with aligned components script for dealing with this:


You add the #exit anchor in the ш and the #entry in a separate _tooth glyph, then you build the щ with components of ш and the _tooth. You can reuse the tooth in a similar fashion in other glyphs. Hint: Keep both anchors on the baseline.