Component-based glyphs jump around in print

Hello, this is a rather odd issue. I remember running into something similar some years back, but in that case, it was (probably) due to nested components. This time, glyphs like i, ü and : (all component-based) are exhibiting very weird behaviour when printed. The font used is installed as static TTFs. Any idea what could be causing this? Many thanks!

Also, it appears my client is using Word, so please forgive the missing kerning. The font is, in reality, properly kerned :wink:

For the moment, I somewhat hotfixed this by adding a Decompose Glyphs custom parameter to all instances and adding all (composite) Glyphs as a value. This increased the file size per instance by ~20kB but at least it works.

What version of Glyphs is that?

I’m afraid to say the export from above is from Glyphs 2. I can personally only test the same file exported from Glyphs 3 on a printer on Monday, but I will happily let you know if the issue persists.

In any case, I’d be very interested to know whether this issue with composites jumping around in print is common, or was, with Glyphs 2, and why it occurs.

It may be the printer driver and not Glyphs—in fact I think it probable. I’ve had this problem with (I think) the generic Apple postscript driver.

With or without manual TT hinting?


Which settings? There are a few I tend to avoid. Do not hint composites for example.

Which settings? I simply have “Autohint” ticked upon export.

Can you try without autohinting?

I’ll try tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:

I have the same problem.
The dots that are loaded as components in the letters are moved in some printers.
How can I decompose them all when exporting?

In G3, I can filter instance by decompose component. But I made this font in G2.
Transferring it to G3 will also destroy the kerning!

How will opening it in G3 destroy the kerning?

It is not destroyed, but you do need to convert RTL kerning, which in Glyphs 3 is now separate from other directions. There is a mekkablue script for the exact purpose.

I assume this is a TTF export. Are you using TTF Autohint? And if so, with which settings?

I tried to fix the kerning with the mekkablue script in G3 but it does not work properly and some of the kerning still on the LTR.
We will have to rebuild all our previous fonts in G3 :frowning:

Yes, this is a TTF export. without hinting.

In G3 RTL kerning and LTR are stored in two separate tables. But in G2, both were on the same.

Can you send us the .glyphs file (and some examples that don’t work) that we can debug the script?