Component center being offset in edit view

I had this bug when I try to use =40 syntax to set LSB and RSB for Hbar where the added component looks off even though i made sure its center anchor was completely centered. This happened when disabled automatic alignment for the ‘H’ component, but ‘strokelongcomb’ still being auto aligned and linked to ‘H’. It appears to only affect the edit view, with the preview – and probably the output – behaving like you would expect.

Using the latest version: Version 2.3.1 (908)

Center displayed with Smart Plumblines:

Why do you disable the alignment for the H. If you do that, this is what is supposed to happen.

I disabled it because I wanted to set a locked LSB and RSB, which may or may not be the best idea here.

Either way, just to make sure you understand what happened here. Let me explain: The bar(strokelongcomb) is locked to the H with Automatic Alignment but the H is not locked and can be therefore be moved with the bar locked on its anchor.

Lets make a more extreme example and I manually set side bearings to 200:

All well and good. I can even move the H with the bar locked at it’s anchor:

But if I want to lock the side bearings to 200 with the =200 syntax the locked component is offset by the same amount. As you can see here:

Also note that the preview shows it correctly, or at least the way I expected it to work.

Shouldn’t the Automatically Aligned component be locked to it’s anchor no matter the side bearings? Hope that clarifies what I meant.

Try the additive metric key, e.g., +=50, note the plus before the equal sign, and keep auto alignment for both the H and the strokelongcomb.

Yeah I ended up doing that and it’s just fine. But that doesn’t accomplish the same thing, right? One is relative and the other is fixed.

The way it is right now is not the way I would expect it to behave at least. I cant think of a scenario where you would want the component to be moved from its anchor when it has Automatic Alignment on. What do you think?

Either way it should probably look the same in the edit view as in the preview view, right?

I fixed the wrong offset of the bar in this case.

Thanks, works great in the latest update.