Component count for Smart Filters

Hello there,

To collect and step through all kinds of combined component glyphs (like ä, é, ů, š,…), I was trying to set a Smart Filter for all glyphs with more than 1 component. But apparently, I wasn’t able to find that kind of option.

Would it be possible to make Smart Filters a bit smarter? :wink:
Or would you approach this from a different angle that I am not aware of?

Thanks in advance!

That is currently not possible. I’ll have a look.


Surely this is possible to solve with a script, I just thought that it makes sense to include “Count of Components” since there are already options for Count of Paths, Has Components and Contains Component.

Somehow related: Is there a way to generate a List Filter with a script?

To achieve something similar, I written this script. Maybe is useful for you.

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What is the difference between:
Has Components & Contain Component
I couldn’t figure-out bu the Glyphs Handbook !

Try it out.
Has components is a yes/no question.
Contains component gives you the option to specify which component (name).

Yes… I got it