Component glyphs kern

shouldn’t component glyphs have kerning like their base glyphs without kern groups?
For instance kerning for accented letters should work automatically.
Am I missing something?

Thank you.

They can’t because there are many accented letters which aren’t kerned like their base glyph in all situations, for example the /Tbar, /tcaron and many of the /i accented characters.

So we have to take an unopinionated approach.

That is what kerning groups are for. This is explained in the Kerning tutorials and the handbook.

Actually I got the problem in designing italic because the “a” in cursive should be in the “o” kerning group, but couldn’t do that because it changes it in roman also where I already had an “a” kerning group for the accented "a"s.
So maybe my question should be can I have different kerning groups for the same letter depending on the different styles?

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Thats why it is better to have Upright and Italic in different files.


Separate your Italic and Roman into two separate design spaces, not in the same Glyphs file. Kerning groups can’t be expected to be the shared between the two, there’s inherently too many possibilities for different shapes between an upright and slanted design.

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