Component Glyphs Vertical Transformation Without Losing Automatic Alignment



Wasn’t it possible before to scale a component-only glyph, vertical translate the component, and still keep the automatic alignment?

(I realise it only works for *superior *inferior glyphs…but not *.sups glyphs?)


It should work for .subs glyphs, too. I have a look.


Doesn’t work still in .sups…


Fixed it.


Related question: Is there a logic behind which glyphs are called inferior or subscript? For some I also have to add a copy called baseglyph.subs so they are recognized by the automatic feature generator.


There are some glyphs in unicode like kinferior, linferior.. Those are ‘modifiers’. And then you could have k.subs. I tried to smooth over the difference and that lead to the original problem in this thread. I reversed that with the 1107.


Still can’t edit the y value?