Component recipe and kerning informations

I designed an all caps font.
In order to create lowercases, I used a single-component recipe as explained in this tutorial.
Now I’m testing the font and I see that lowercases kerning is not good : the component recipe only copy each and every character, but not the kerning group informations.
What can I do to add those kerning informations to my lowercases ?

This tutorial is outdated. Just remove the lowercase, select all uppercase and run “Glyph > Update Glyph info”.

Amazing ! It’s so simple !
Thanks @GeorgSeifert !

So simple but still not perfect…
I’ve just tested the explorted variable TTF in the Monotype Font Validator and it doesn’t see the lowercases…

(But everything works fine when using the font in Adobe apps…)

That seems to be a bug in the validator? Can you check if node codes are in the cmap table to be sure?

Of course I can !
But can you speak in english please ? :smile:

I mean, can you check the font with our FontTableViewer, OTMaster or ttx to see if the cmap table has a mapping for the lowercase?

I didn’t know any of those apps…
So I opened my TTF in FontTableViewer, and it seems that there is no lowecase in the CMAP table.

There are. The unicodes in the first column have the lowercase codes mapped to the Uppercase glyphs. So the font is correct and the validator is broken.

Has anyone ever made an all-caps font submitting it to MyFonts ?