Components and filesize

Hey —

I’ve created a design that recycles the same point-dense 6 components repeatedly across an entire font. I thought by doing this I would save on file size but the generated TTF suggests everything has been decomposed (it hasn’t). Is there some technical aspect I’m missing here? I would be happy to share the file.


Are the components overlapping and/or transformed in any way?

You may want to add a Keep overlapping components parameter to the instance.

Issue is with Version 2.6.6 (1346)

They’re transformed by x and y position. I already have Keep Overlapping Components set.

Perhaps Glyphs3 fixes this? I’ll give that a go when I’m near my newer machine.

Can you send me a sample file?

Surely can!

There are components and outlines in the same glyphs. That is not possible. You need to build the glyphs only from components.

Thanks Georg. That should help this particular design!

It seems any design that is exclusively components has them dropping out when x/yscale is changed.

Where did you test this?

indesign and chrome