Components in Variable Font

In a 2 master single axis setup i have “E” and “Ę” with bracket layers (one bracket layer for each master).

In the preview panel both interpolate just fine but after export the “Ę” – which is made of components – does not respect the bracket layers.

After decomposing everything works perfect. Is this a known issue?

Can you send me the file?

File sent, thanks!

How is the situation? Did you have a moment to look at the problem?

A problem with components again.

Setup in Glyphs:

Outcome in a variable font:

Exports just fine in otf.

After an hour…: I found that the component were not rotated 180° but flipped. Fixing that fixed the variable export.

Why does the otf export didn’t mind this error and otvar is so picky?

The Variable font export do decompose less components to keep compatibility.

But how did you flip the component and make it look like it is rotated?

I must have flipped vertically and then slanted. Visual result was ok and the preview panel shows correct results so i thought it would work.

There’s a dissonance between the previews and what i get in the variable font sometimes. This and the previous case.

But it decomposes all of the corner components before export right?
I ended up decomposing all of my components anyway, otherwise it doesn’t work now.

The corner components have to be decomposed.

I am getting the same buggy behavior with bracket layers. It used to be that adding the bracket layers on composite glyphs would fix this; I posted a script for that here: Bracket layers in variable fonts? Bracket + brace?

I’m not sure what has changed but adding the bracket layers doesn’t work anymore

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I didn’t change something lately.

Perhaps something has changed on my end. I had been exploring this around the 2nd of July, if nothing has changed in that time, then my original solution must have been erroneous

Regardless, is there a way to get bracket layers working on a composite glyph when a glyph with bracket layers is used as a component?