Components & Masks

Are there plans to make masks work on cutting into components? I have a design where the diacritics will cut into the accented letter. Masks are very helpful already (see screenshot) but without the ability to use components, I will definitely run into QA issues down the line where the base character differs from the actual base character if it were a component.

This shows the base character, the masked cut-out (an enlarged version of the diacritic), and the diacritic component. I imagine the cut-out mask could be a component as well but haven’t tried that yet, as I’m still working on the base design.

(This is similar to "Dynamic Typography" tips? but the manual solution there won’t work, given the many combinations of base glyphs and diacritic marks)


It should work in the latest cutting edge version.

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This is wonderful news. Thank you Georg! Works perfectly with 3 components (mark, mark mask, and base glyph) now.