Components wrongly displayed

Is this a bug? Components are displayed white (instead of grey) on grey background. When mouseover display gets ok.

Do you have any (reporter) plugins active? What tool is active? Is this a “Color” layer?
Do you have any master colors?

Do you have any (reporter) plugins active?

What tool is active?

Is this a “Color” layer?

Do you have any master colors?

Is that only with this font? If so, could you send it to me?

No, all fonts. I did already sended one of them to you. Nothing special about them. Note that I have canvas colour grey in the settings.

What happens if you reset the background color to default?

And is that with dark mode?

The problem persists. No dark mode.

Does adding any nodes/paths (or perhaps just disabling auto alignment) make a difference? It did in my case, but it was a long time ago.

Yes, when adding nodes it dissapears.

Could you send me the file again?

Under last versions, the bug persists. Possible to fix this?

I still couldn’t reproduce this.

We might need a screen sharing session to figure this out.