Composed Hebrew characters break during export

Here’s what the composed characters /yodyodpatah-hb and /vavdagesh-hb look like in my Glyphs source file (left) and in the exported TTF as viewed by Glyphs (right). What’s going wrong here?

Replacing or transforming any of the components during export?


At which UPM do you export?
Are you using anchors for placing the parts?

UPM 1000. I did use anchors for the /vavdagesh-hb (not for the other one).

Do you have a subset applied (Keep or Remove Glyphs parameter)?

Not in this instance.

I’ll send you the file.

The ‘dagesh-hb’ is defined as a nonspacing mark. So its width is set to zero on export. That is not a good idea on this case. The only useful solution I can think of right now is to use another glyph as a component.

Same for the patah?

I replaced dagesh and patah in those combinations with (hopefully spacing) characters called dageshspacing and patahspacing. Doesn’t help:

Actually, I think it’s the yods and vavs that are misplaced here.

Can you send me this file. the latest one you send me exports fine.