Condensed Font

Hi Georg,

What is the best practice to develop a condensed version of your font without disrupting the metrics.

In Fontlabs you usually check the Scale Metrics box.

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Assuming that you are condensing by using interpolation and scaling the metrics should scale along with the letters. But it’s likely that every letter will need new metrics by the time you finish.

I need to be able to either condense or expand the letters using the transformation tool without altering the side bearings. In Fontlabs you can scale the glyphs without changing the letter spacing.

Can this be done in Glyphs or is there a work around?



The transform filter is intended for thing like this but it only allows proportional scaling. I will fix that.

Other than that there are no strait forward ways. But you could use the transformation filter and scale it and then use the transform panel to correct the vertical size. But this is really a rough workaround.

OK Georg,


What about rmx tools, I think they work pretty well for that… If you are not using it there’s a beta version available for glyphs with very helpful tools…

But they only work if you have a Multiple Master Font.