Conflicting Open Type Features, need a little help

Hi Guys,

I am having trouble lately with the following: there is a script font I am working on, it has features for contextual alternates as well as standard ligatures. My question is, how to solve the replacement of an o.calt s_s.liga’ where o and s are both .calt But I also need a replacement when there is an s_s.liga after the o to be replaced by an s.calt_s.liga (or something else, this naming never worked anyway). I tried both under calt and in standard ligature to fix it with no success.

Any tips on this? Thanks so much!


Reorder the features such the calt is below liga (meaning, calt is applied after liga). Then you can influence the ligature glyph in your calt code.

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Wow who would have thought it’s that simple. Well… not me :slight_smile: Thanks so much Florian! I appreciate it!