Connecting Cap to a curve line

I wonder if I can find a solution for this one, and not sure if this is a bug or technical issue.

when I add a cap to tow points that have a curve on one side, it does not connect correctly

I have to add new extra two points with straight lines so a can add the cap to it.
as you can see here

Is there a better solution for that?
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you need to add a “left” and “right” anchor in the _cap glyph. Check the tutorial for details.

Yes, but the issue is still there. I’m already doing that by adding origin anchor.

I followed this tutorial Creating an Arabic font | Glyphs

Two possible ways:

  1. You added the anchor origin. Also add anchors left and right.
  2. Instead of using a cap component, consider a _segment component. They are easier to handle. I will update the tutorial accordingly.

Thanks @mekkablue , That _segment worked like fire :fire:

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Great :+1: Thanks for bringing this back to my attention, I meant to update that bit a while ago… :roll_eyes:

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@Yazeed: just updated the tutorial with segment components, have a look. And thanks again for pointing me to this.

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