Constant crashes when attempting to close files

Hi there,

Under Yosemite OS the latest Glyphs 2.6.1 (1198) is frequently crashing when I try to close files.
I hope you can get it on tracks any time soon.


I have not had crashes on file closing in the recent betas. Can you reliably reproduce a crash? And if so, send us the .glyphs file that causes the crash?

I see exactly one crash report for version 1198. Please send each and every crash report. I need to know how frequent the crashes are.

I cannot reproduce it. I reopened and closed the files you sent me several times, and had no crash, no freeze, nothing. They just closed. App build 1199, macOS 10.13.6 (17G4015).

Important info if you run into a crash again:

Does it also crash if you close the file without doing something or saving before you close?

I will try again tomorrow. I had to move back to 2.6 (1192), otherwise it was a impossible to work normally.
Yes, I didn’t send all the crash reports. I rarely do it.

Is there a bug in 1199? Please report back here.

Crash? Always send the report, please. The more the better. If it crashes 80 times on you, send it 80 times please.