Contextual Alternates and MS Word

Hello everyone,

After looking through this forum and also Micrososft forums, I still haven’t found the solution.
The problem: contextual alternatives in my OTF font works perfectly using Mac… I have double checked it on TextEdit and Pages and also in Adobe Indesign and Illustrator.
But in MS Word 2011 Mac doesn’t show the font at all. First I used FontExplorer without any result. Then I installed with FontBook, nothing, then I’ve emptied cache and installed font with FontBook again, nothing, again I’ve emptied cache and I placed the font it in Micrososft Font folder, but still nothing. However MS Word 2008 for Mac shows the font but there’s no ‘calt’ option in the program.
After I have tried in in Windows 7 with MS Word 10 where it shows the font and there is ‘calt’ option in the program, but when I turn it on, the calt doesn’t work on my font.
How can I make it to show my font Word 11 for Mac? What could be the reason that Word 10 for windows ignores the ‘calt’?
Thank you for any suggestions.

You may need to update your languagesystems in the features.

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Thanks for your quick answer and suggestion.
I have updated the Languagesystems by clicking the Update button in Features, but it hasn’t changed anything.
The languagesystems in the features has only the “languagesystem DFLT dflt;” line. Sorry might be a very dumb / basic question, being as a beginner: if I have created glyphs to support other languages, like all the Western European and some Central European languages, it means that I have to define it somehow and somewhere in the features manually (since updating automatically changes nothing)?

No, only the glyphs that require extra locl code.

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Word 2011 for Mac has serious problems, some fonts just never show up. Especially Light or Light Italics have a tendency to disappear. Try renaming. But calt works.


I recently received a report of a user who got his fonts to work in Mac Word after he exported TTFs and installed them in FontBook > Computer (rather than User).

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Great, thank you, I’m going to check this out with TTF.
In the meantime I’m reading about the locl code subject in Glyphs Handbook and also going through the ‘languages’ tutorials to fully understand it.

Thanks for the tip!

I have tried exporting the font as a TTF and installing it in FontBook > Computer. It works, Mac Word 11 finally shows the font. Although calt still doesn’t work in some reason, but at least Word shows the font.

I have just tested my font on Word 2016 for mac, and there’s no problem. Shows the font and calt features are working smoothly.

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