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Hi, I followed the Contextual Alternates tutorial step-by-step (included below) and everything worked out and was going great, exactly how the tutorial describes. Then I started adding punctuation and numerals, in a separate “Etc” class, and I stopped being able to access the CALT features tab, which now has a red exclamation mark.

Features, part 3: advanced contextual alternates | Glyphs

Please let me know what I’m missing if you know, thanks in advance for the help!

That means you have a syntax error in your feature code. What do you see when you open it in font info?

I also see the red exclamation point. I could reduce it to this test file:
Test.glyphs (5.9 KB)

No syntax errors are shown in the feature code editor.

Glyphs 3.0.2 (3050)

Thank you for responding! It seemed to be that there were some glyphs I created through Glyphs>New Glyph as opposed to generating them from their respective tabs. The code itself didn’t have errors. I had attempted to create a secondary numeral set through naming (similar to A.001, A.002), but I think I can work around it by generating them in oldstyle figures.

All good now, and the exported font works great with OpenType!

@blossom The way you make the glyphs should not matter. As long as the name is right at the end.
@FlorianPircher Thanks for the test file. We have a look.

Florian, I’ve identifier the cause of your particular issue. (Not sure how it relates to the original poster’s issue; cannot tell without more details or a .glyphs file.) Working on a fix. Thanks again for a nice and clear test file. Good work as usual!

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The issue persists in 3.0.2 (3052) with the test file from above. I assume it is fixed in the next cutting edge release.

That’s correct. The fix didn’t make it for the 3052 build, unfortunately.

3.0.2 (3053) fixes the issue for me. Thank you!