Contextual Alternatives and Ligatures

Can you have both contextual alternatives that cycle and ligatures work at the same time?

Currently I have a complete a-z with two alternatives – a a.ss01 a.ss02 but I need ligatures aa ae au etc as the font I am building for a client is in a painted style which require this.

How can I have both ligatures and alternatives work together, I could do with my .liga ligatures overwriting the calt features.


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The Features list order is to determine priorities;
Try moving Calt up.

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Two options:

  1. liga before calt: Add the ligatures to the @etc class so they don’t break the cycle.
  2. calt before liga: instead of substituting single glyphs like in sub a b by a_b; you have to account for all possible variants, i.e., sub @a @b by a_b; and collect all variants of a in @a, all variants of b in @b etc.

Thank you for your quick reply, I will give these a go later.

I also managed to do the Con Voc classes in the end so the cycle works a treat!

This worked!