Contextual Kerning

I’m developing a manuscript font and I am trying to do contextual kerning between some of my letters. I tried to follow the tutorial on Glyphs website but with no success.
Right now this is what I have on my “kern” features

# Automatic Code
pos F' 30 [e i u];

And this is my font:

I need the space between F and [e i u] to be a bit bigger. But the code is not doing anything…
What am I doing wrong?

You don’t need context kerning for this. Just use regular kerning for this.

I am new to this… Can you explain how can I define the kerning just between F and e, i and u? because F and a, o are correct this way…

Have a read here: Kerning | Glyphs

Ah thanks! I managed to make it right! :slight_smile:

And make sure you have the spacing correct before you start kerning. The sidebearings of the lowercase look a bit strange. I would expect that the “a” has a positive LSB and a much bigger RSB. Meaning the outline might be better off shifted to the right (as probably all other lower case).