Contextual Mark Attachment in vocalised Arabic

Hi! I was trying to move the bottom anchor of the meem further down when it is preceded by a reh. This works fine unless the reh also has some kind of diacritical mark. I suppose this is because the string is not reh meem but reh mark meem. I wanted to solve this by putting the reh together with all possible marks in a group. But then the anchor in the meem is moved when it is preceded by any letter with a mark, so this is no solution …
Then I tried to chain up the condition to something like reh @mark * in the anchor-context window. But here the anchor is only moved when the reh has a mark.

How can I tell Glyphs to just ignore the mark on the reh and move the anchor no matter if the reh has a mark or not?

can you send me the font and some sample texts that I can try this?

Having the same kind of scenario with my font as well.